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Our lives are full of change... whether in our careers, our families, our health or our life's direction. Perhaps the change is in our life's focus, wanting to have a life that has more meaning or perhaps one that offers more adventure or more time with family. We face challenging, rewarding, heartbreaking and even life-giving transitions.

References and Testimonials

"Using superlatives is not usually my style, but when it comes to the unique strength of Peggy Knox, I cannot hold back. Peggy is the single most focused listener I have known personally and professionally. Sure, she's compassionate, intelligent, optimistic and realistic, but those listening skills... unbeatable."

- Ann Rice, former Chief Operating Officer, United Way of Tarrant County Texas


"Working with Peggy was a great experience! Her insight and gentle guidance helped me to explore options that I had never even imagined. Also, I thought she was very easy to talk with. I very much value her intelligence and compassion as well as her humor and easy-going style."

- Betsy B.


"Peggy is great! She really helped me explore the important questions about what I wanted out of life. We dove deep into what motivates me and Peggy had a lot of practical information on how to pursue next steps. At the end of our time together we had created a vision of a future that was perfectly tailored to me and my goals. I could not have asked for a better experience."

- Savannah B

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