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Our lives are full of change... whether in our careers, our families, our health or our life's direction. Perhaps the change is in our life's focus, wanting to have a life that has more meaning or perhaps one that offers more adventure or more time with family. We face challenging, rewarding, heartbreaking and even life-giving transitions.

About Peggy

On this page which has its focus on information about myself, I feel it is not adequate just to list work I've done or degrees I have--although I think those areas are also important when selecting a life coach.

Very important as well, in thinking about how I define myself, is to consider the significant roles that I have: mother and grandmother, friend, counselor, person of faith.

Also significant are personal characteristics such as humor, curiosity, fortitude. I think it is good for each of us to recognize the roles that matter to us and our positive characteristics, particularly because we may not always acknowledge what these are.


  • PhD in Family Studies, TWU, Denton, TX
  • MSW in Social Work, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC
  • BA in Sociology, NTSU, Denton, TX


  • Certified Professional Coach, Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching
  • Certified Social Worker, Academy of Certified Social Workers    (ACSW)
  • Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP)

Community service:

  • Hospice Board & Bereavement Counselor, Avery County, NC
  • Habitat Board, Avery County, NC
  • Red Cross Disaster Response Team, Richmond, VA

Work background:

  • Therapist in Private Practice, Fort Worth & Arlington, TX
  • Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Social Work, UTA, Arlington, TX
  • Visiting Professor, University of Alaska, Tok, Alaska
  • Director of Fort Worth Family Service Association, Tarrant County, TX
  • Expert Witness and Dispute Mediator for Family Law Courts of Tarrant County, TX

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